Mackie Biernacki


These days, a lot of brands have lost the plot with performance marketing. Yet brand building and narrative are more important today than ever.

Welcome to Mackie Biernacki. We’re an idea shop and it’s our business to uncover what others don’t. Regardless of titles, we’re all business junkies who are obsessed with problem-solving through creativity.


Nosey by nature.

Being nosey gets us to the real business problem facing a brand. Give us a business problem that’s holding your brand back, and we’ll give you fresh, creative ways to inspire action.

We get our hands dirty.

Channel agnostic. Idea devout. We ask way too many questions so that we can get to the business problem behind the advertising problem. No matter the size of the project, the MB leadership team is always involved. There is no assembly line. There’s no bait & switch.

Nimble is good.

We don’t have a bloated org-chart. Instead, we have the foundation to handle large scale accounts with the agility to be an extension of your team coming in and out of projects as needed. We believe that an agency of smart, experienced business junkies can be a most valuable asset for a brand.


Gave parents of newborn babies a solid night’s sleep.

Introduced civility to airport travel.

Urged Canadians to track their beef.


Mark Biernacki 416 884 5085
Steph Mackie 416 540 3518
Malcolm McLean 416 671 6202

1244 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario  M6H 1N5


Have we designed our own shoes? Check. Do we have our own medium roast, free-trade coffee beans? We do (thanks Gabriel). Will we be brewing another batch of Kölsch beer? Perhaps. But in the meantime, we have put some Ontario apples to work and made some deliciously dry cider. If you’d like some, give us a shout.