Kabrita USA

We worked with Little Giant out of Portland on this series during Covid. Classic product comparison, but with felt puppets. And flatulence. It’s great when you work with brave clients.


Talk about carte blanche. This client (great people) briefed us with a seed of an idea for a product that focussed on a long-forgotten ingredient (from the Tigernut plant) that was used on skin back in Egyptian times (Cleopatra). From here we built the brand – strategy, naming, packaging, media launch, e-comm website, social, POS campaign, you name it. You should visit oraziskin.com and treat yourself.

Haventree Bank

In this case, we helped a new bank help the little guy. Haventree wanted to connect with brokers and their clients who, due to life’s curve balls, weren’t fitting into big bank algorithms.


Nobody understands and empathizes with a vet’s frustrations like another vet. So we made sure that the industry knew that Grey Wolf is a pet pharma company founded by an actual vet versus big pharma.


O.B. Tampons

A distribution problem led to OB being taken off the shelves. We had to reach out and apologize to loyal consumers. Results: Over 46 million unique video views, over 1 million Facebook shares, 1.8 million twitter impressions, 920,107 coupon downloads, 61% click-through rate, featured on Ted Talks Creativity and Bravery, and Top 10 ads of the year. (CD’s, former agency)

Sebastian Giovinco

Sebastian Giovinco, former star football player for Toronto FC, collaborated with Mackie Biernacki to create and grow his personal brand – SebaThings – across North America and the world. We created Seba’s logo, clothing line, ecomm site, and content to develop brand affinity and build sponsorship deals. Though the success of SebaThings continues, Seba has left TFC to play in the Middle East for an awful lot of money.


Nobody wants mold in their home. This North American campaign showed how to kill it with Con-cro-bi-um. Fun fact: After launch, sales were up 30%, web traffic up 42%.

Definity Insurance

People tend to view insurance as a necessary transaction – a grudge purchase. So we pulled out to show the bigger picture. Real stories were used to demonstrate the greater good that Definity is doing for its customers, employees, and communities across Canada.

Cloverdale Common Rebrand

Since 1956, Cloverdale Mall has been an important gathering place ingrained in the local memory of Etobicoke. To introduce its redevelopment, we needed to respect its role in the community while demonstrating a more user friendly environment for tomorrow. This covered brand identity, brand systems, signage, engagement pieces and modular architectural installations and exhibits.